23 June 2009

Wee Little Finnian Facts

Tonight, even as I type this, Piper Finnian is sleeping in her big girl bed. A bed without walls. A bed that does not mandate containment, but merely suggests containment.

Wait, did I type "sleeping"? She is not sleeping. At last check, her lights were on. I have corrected that situation and now we will proceed to see how the night breaks down.

In other Piper news, she learned a trick from her friends Mandy and Jody.

And it's really cute.

She lies down somewhere, anywhere, puts her hands behind her head and says in an exaggerated sigh, "Lax". (Which means "relax" you know.)

Oh and she can also drink proficiently from a regular cup, a cup that is usually larger than her face.

We all really love her Wake Up game. You pretend to sleep - eyes closed and slight snoring sounds - and she screams "WAKE UP!" And you pretend to. Then she pretends to sleep - eyes closed and slight snoring sounds - and she waits patiently until you scream "WAKE UP!"

And next time you see her, ask her to show you her blinks. Yep. her blinks. They're great.


  1. i just love you guys! can't wait to see you on the 4th!

  2. I just love this age. So sweet. Thanks for your GREAT advice about my knitting/crocheting!! Great input!