07 June 2009

The Magic's in the Music . . . .

(Photo disclaimer - another photo that has very little to do with the post. But it's Piper and that little unnecssary, but adorable, ponytail. Well, calling that sprig a "ponytail" is a stretch, I know!)
When Bergen Hawkeye was a baby I finally had a good idea to help him differentiate between day time naps and night time sleep.

Mosely was dependent on a blanket and that was really a bad idea because blankets can be lost (she has lost two) and blankets can be forgotten on road trips. And lost blankets add up to sleepless nights for Mosely and everyone else within earshot.

So with Bergen I wanted to think of something that can't be lost and can be used anywhere and pretty much by anyone. Every night at bedtime I sing Bergen the same song I have been singing to him since he was hours old in the hospital room. I rubbed his little head (and now his bigger head) and sung "Lullaby" by Matt Costas. (It's on the Curious George movie soundtrack - such a sweet song.) The great thing is that we can sing the song in any hotel room or friend's house and it never gets lost or misplaced during the day. Berg is four and still asks for his song every night. In fact, we have even added "Beautiful Boy" by John Lennon to the evening's lineup since Bergen is a fellow who always wants more.

The song choice for little Piper Finnian was easy - "Little Willow" by Paul McCartney. She knows when she hears that song to lie down on her tiny willow pillow (really, there's a willow on it - it's so cute) and to close her eyes. I must admit, however, Piper also sleeps with a Marine Corp. eagle that Aunt Beckey purchased for her. Piper is quite attached to her "gull". Oops!

During my pregnancy with Otto Fox I started thinking about what song that little guy needed nightly. I was inspired by this great book Oma bought for London - an artistic rendition of "Forever Young" by Bob Dylan. It's the perfect song! (And I sequestered the book for Wilder's room - sorry London.) He's already learning to be soothed by the melody, even if it is sung in my less-than-stellar vocals.

I love that about my wee ones - they have no idea yet that Mom is tone deaf!

I wish I had thought of this musical bedtime ritual for the older kids. During tuck-in time tonight London and Mosely requested their own song and I realized, hey, it's not too late to start the tradition with them. But I am somewhat stuck for song ideas. What songs would be great for a little Scout and a Mo-Town? I want your suggestions!


  1. How about some R-E-S-P-E-C-T? For MO-TOWN? TEE HEE!

  2. I LOVE this idea!! What a way to make a kid feel loved, unique, and special!! I'll start this on my 14 year-old son . . . or maybe not. But the 5 year-old would love it!!

  3. My kids LOVE music! And I love it when they ask me to sing the bedtime songs to them. No matter how late it is, I can NEVER resist. I have chosen a few of my favorite hymns that they may not hear in church anymore. They love it!

  4. how about stay by allison krauss or the long day is over by norah jones. they are both wery soothing an sweet.