21 June 2009

She Said

A few years ago our family discovered a little product known as a buff. Since the buff's introduction into our household, there has probably not been a day that has passed that some Keigley head has not donned one of these head wear miracles. (If you have any questions concerning buffs, ask any of us. Except Wilder. He can't talk yet.)

We should be spokespeople for this product. Really. In fact, in a way, we are.

I mean, there's the whole word of mouth thing, of course. Truly, strangers have frequently stopped me to ask about my head attire and then have actually written the website down. There's also the handful we have purchased for friends as gifts. And the crowd of summer staffers at Look Up who have bought a buff after seeing it sporting on one of our heads.

Plus, to top it off, Riley sent an e-mail to the company and told them our story - pretty much the above paragraph. The company liked the letter so much that they sent Riley two free buffs and actually started a rewards/points system for loyal customers such as herself!! (That's my kid!)

So it is no surprise that our kids love to wear their buffs. (Piper is the only Keigley who doesn't officially own her own. I guess I should correct that - eh?) London wears her buff so religiously that many people we know do not even know what color her hair is. And she is very particular about the manner in which she wears it. And she sleeps with it on. And she prefers her own blue buff over any other colored buff in our home.

But I promise that this post is actually going somewhere.

(Spoiler Warning: This is an awfully big build up for a mediocre punchline. My apologies in advance.)

Anywho . . . Our family attended a birthday party for a friend recently. London, Mosely and Bergen all entered the party house wearing their buffs. A woman who we did not know remarked to a women who we did know, "Why are all of those children wearing underwear on their heads?"


  1. that is pretty hilarious. I got the website from riley, and I have been toying with buying one... i just need to commit to it and just do it. They sell Buffs at Tangent Outfitters Giles County. it is true

  2. Oh, that's hilarious!! This woman needs to get out a little : )!!

  3. lovely! i love the idea of the point-system!!!