16 June 2009


So maybe I just didn't keep up with laundry as well as I should have this week.

And so maybe Piper Finnian is wearing the pajamas that she wore last night, because they were conveniently lying beside her bed where I conveniently dropped them (I mean wisely placed them) this morning.

And so maybe Bergen just went to bed wearing swim trunks and a t-shirt.

And maybe Mosely went to bed wearing Bergen's Batman underoos, Bergen's almost-too-small-for-her running pants and Bergen's little boy white undershirt.

And so maybe London is sporting a more classic pair of Bergen's underwear - the whitey-tighties.

Maybe tomorrow I'll do some laundry.

Or maybe not.

(Do you think any of Bergen's underwear will fit me?)


  1. You always make me laugh..I wonder if Erick can wear mine cuz he NEVER does laundry!

  2. Oh Sherry - I would pay a price to see erick wear your underwear. Just let Erick know that when he is low on cash - okay?

  3. This is a hoot!! Oh, I have so been there!! I sure wish you lived closer, Lacey. I would love to swoop over and help you with the kids and give you time to get totally addicted to Picnik!! Keep posting! You keep me smiling!