12 June 2009


We all have those phrases . . . those pithy sayings that we always fall back on. Some are ridiculous, some are funny and some we just cannot believe we are saying, even as we hear them spewing from our lips.

Lately, it seems as if I hear them from my children's lips as well.

After giving the kids a short to-do list, London and Mosely came to me, complaining of the current working conditions. "Mom," London began, "Mosely wants me to carry the dishes over from the table but I told her she has to do it because I am already in the middle of trying to do two things and I told her - 'You know, there's only one me.'"

Oh. My.

I realize I say "there's only one me" dozens of times throughout the course of a day.

Whenever one child approaches me to complain about another child's lack of participation, I always ask, "Who are you responsible for?" After that child grudgingly admits "myself", I send them back on their (not so) merry way.

Particularly when the kids were very little and now for Piper Finn, I use a phrase to sum up the attitude I expect them to have - Kevin and I stick all the attitude issues under a "happy heart". We are forever telling some small person to "have a happy heart". I guess we really overuse that one because my parents always teased us about our own happy hearts.

I know I have dozens of other much-repeated phrases. But I want you to guys to tell me some of yours. (I don't want to be the only one who says too many goofy things out loud to my children.)


  1. The pic of you and Piper is just precious!! I'm laughing because I'm hearing myself in your words too!!! I just heard my youngest say "there's only one of me!" the other day and about fell over. Reading your post is like deja vu!!

  2. When Haley was two she used to say "that's hilarious" when something was funny. Not a normal 2 year old vocabulary word.