09 June 2009


Before Otto Fox Wilder was born, the creation of his name was causing quite a controversy in our house. The little guy has had so many names tossed around as "the one" that everyone lost track of which name we liked best at any given moment. (Oliver, Oscar, Oz, Stryder, Striker, Ryder, Ollie, Wyatt, Truett, Greenleaf . . . )

Early on, Bergen tried to keep the peace by suggesting the perfect name - Superman. And Bergen has really been the only consistent one - always calling him Superman.

Two days ago, Otto tried to prove that he was indeed worthy of his superhero nickname. I placed him down for a morning nap on his belly to see what he thought of that position. Not too much, apparently, as his cries were blasting from his room. Riley went in to check his tiny status and discovered he was on his back. Seriously. So we placed him on his stomach again, just to confirm the fluke the rollover must have been.

Surprise! The crazy little action figure pushed himself up and over again. What in the world?

Little Superman.


  1. that is amazing! he is a little superman! something similar happened to me today...I put Eliah on his tummy on the couch and turned around a few minutes later and he was on his back. I was thinking that was not possible...am not really sure how it happened - but I am happy to know your little guy - younger than mine - did it!!

  2. Maybe it's the boy genes or something. We don't need little supermen - do we? This time we will be happy with late walkers and crawlers!!

  3. i believe you may be in for some trouble from that crazy little action figure!! ;-D