17 June 2009


Funny story.

It had been raining all day and the sun didn't come out until after dinner. With both mom and kids anxious for some time spent outdoors, I went against my better judgement and answered in the affirmative when four small faces requested permission to play outside. Yes, four. I even let the little Willow join her siblings for some big time play time.

What with all the torrential downpours all day, it wasn't exactly their fault that the most exciting adventures awaiting outside were discovered at the bottom of a mud puddle. I mean, they are children after all.

I let the play go on as long as I could stand it, but eventually this party needed some serious policing. I scooped Piper up first after admonishing Mosely Ella about the inherent unkindness associated with piling mud on her younger sister's head. I'm pretty sure Piper wasn't even slightly offended, however.

As I tossed her in the tub, Piper happily showed me the contents of her grubby, mud encrusted hands . . . one fourth of a squirming worm!


  1. So what did you do with the worm? I think Piper is going to be one you are going to have to watch out for!!! :)

  2. I KNOW Piper is one we have to watch out for! ;-) I was going to throw the worm in the trash, but that seemed mean since don't worms grow back or something? So I threw him outside. Which means he will probably still die but at least it won't be in my trashcan!

  3. Mud and kids . . . great fun! As long as you don't have cream-colored carpet. I speak as one that has been there!

  4. Oh the days when joel and I would play mud hole. then we learned to climb trees and played sap sitcks. then mom forbade us to play mud hole or sap sticks b/c Red mud is moms worst enemy and sap is not fun to get combed out of your head.