18 June 2009

This Boy

This boy was shopping with his family at Hobby Lobby, searching for great Father's Day gifts for an artistic dad. His sweet, calm, beautiful mother was patiently waiting for several pieces of art work to be framed.

This little boy really needed to use the bathroom. Accompanied by his older sister, this young gentleman approached the public restroom facilities.

At this particular art and hobby store, the bathroom door was located directly beside the emergency exit door.

The little fellow anxiously reached for a door handle. A shockingly loud noise reverberated throughout the entire store. Apparently, this little guy had accidentally tried to open the emergency exit instead of the bathroom door.

With his hands clasped over his ears and tears streaming down his face, this little boy froze in place, unable to move from both his fear and from the very scene of the crime.

The horribly loud noise awoke his sleeping infant brother, whose cries joined the piercing fire alarm.

Although the boy's mother tried to smile and comfort her teary boys, she found herself red-faced and more than anxious to be done with that day's errands.


  1. ahh a day in the life of a mom....brought back many red faced memories!

  2. Oh.my.word!!! If it wasn't so traumatizing, it would be hysterically funny!!

  3. Hey Lacey! Can I call you? What would be a good time?

  4. Hi, Lacey ~ ~ I was thinking of you and your little "brood" today. Have you ever gotten on the Soule Mama site (Amanda Soule's blog)? You probably have, but if you haven't, you MUST!! You will LOVE her!! I've added her to my inspirations list on my blog, so you can just click on that to link to it (right side of my page). Hope you're having an oddly calm and quiet day : )!!

  5. I waiting for you to say that "the little" went wee wee in his pants. I think I would have!

  6. Stunning story there. What occurred after? Take care!

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