30 July 2009


Have I ever really believed that God is enough?

I mean, I've probably said He was. I might have even thought that I believed it.

But your beliefs are pretty much revealed through your actions.


Have I acted like God is enough?

Or has my life thus far been mostly a study of how God is not enough?

Don't I really expect God plus?

You know,

God plus personal fulfillment.

God plus healthy children.

God plus financial security.

God plus physical safety.

God plus a happy marriage.

That's the lie I find myself believing, and living, so often.

The truth is

God is enough.

No plus.

Just God.


And I guess I will know I am believing that truth, and therefore rejecting that lie, when my life reflects that God is enough.

When I stop demanding God to give me the things I think I deserve.

The things I think I have somehow earned with my good behavior toward the Almighty.

My self-righteous good deeds that I keep trying to stack up against my bad ones.

My mental list of all the commandments that I have so carefully kept.

O God, I am learning, as you are removing, that you are, indeed, enough.


  1. Is this from that book you were talking about? Sounds like a pretty convicting one! It's on the list :)

  2. A painful, painful lesson . . . but filled with such joy and peace and security as it's learned!

  3. Thank you for being raw and transparent. I am in this journey as well. I love you my soul sister!