11 July 2009

Friday Morning

Yesterday morning I broke an unwritten Keigley household rule.

I turned on the television first thing in the morning.

Let me 'splain.

Because Wilder had eaten breakfast off his normal routine, Kevin had already left for work before I was able to take a shower.

I really wanted a shower.

"Hey guys? Who wants to watch Curious George?"

You might call it poor parenting - I call it buying a half hour of my life.

My aspirations actually reached beyond the cleansing shower. I had just purchased some eyeliner (don't tell Riley!) and I wanted to experiment. While in Virginia Emma had given me brief instructions on applying eye liner. (My mom never taught me how - bless her heart. Just as I have never shown my daughter - bless my heart.)

So I did it. I let my kids watch PBS programming while I spent an entire half hour in the bathroom.

I played with tweezers, glittery powder, hair product (my favorite grooming item) and the new eye liner. In case you are wondering - I could use a few more lessons. I didn't take photos.

I put on earrings, a necklace. I tried to choose an outfit that could even meet the approval of Clinton and Stacy.

No, it was not a special day. Just Friday. Our day's plans included nothing more than eating lunch at home and then taking Magnus (Silver Hammer Rigby) to the lake for a swim. (Him - not us!) Maybe a trip to the grocery store to pick up those bananas . . . and dog food.

I emerged from my half hour, turned off the television and went about the business of living at our house.

After I fed Wilder I burped him.

And then he spit up. All over my great outfit.

I wanted to curse. (You think that's an extreme over reaction? Okay, you may be right.)

But changing shirts altered my carefully groomed hairstyle. And caused my necklace to no longer coordinate.

I guess this snapshot of my sad little existence one ordinary morning really has no point.

I don't think spending half an hour to get ready to go nowhere is actually wrong.

But it did remind me of a verse.

"Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting - but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised."

So I must remember the balance between caring about what people think of me, or of what I think of me, versus what the Lord thinks of me.

And I guess I can't buy that in a bottle on the beauty aisle at Target.


  1. well i think you're beautiful with or without eyeliner! (it is fun to play with sometimes though ;)

  2. I think cream eyeliner applied with a brush is much easier to put on than pencil or liquid eyeliner :-)

  3. Ok. confession... I showed Riley how to put on eyeliner... I think I did atleast... She always raided my make up bag!

  4. Lacey sometimtes I want to just put on makeup to make me look like a prettier girl. But then God tells me, through my mother, that I am beautiful without makeup, and so are you. It is just another thing in life that we don't need. I am slowly learning that. Oh and otto was telling you that by spitting up on you.

  5. Thanks ladies.
    I didn't even know cream eyeliner even existed. I might check that out.
    Thanks for the confession Maggie. You're funny!
    And Haley - you're mom's a genius. Actually, she's better than that - just a great mom who loves God and I think it's wonderful that you know God can use your mom to give you truth!! Hold on to that!

  6. Oh, what a sweet picture!! I do remember those days where you needed a tube of mascara just to remember you were a female. Something happens when your youngest turns 3 and there are no new siblings on the horizon : )! The sun begins to shine again. You occasionally get showers. You actually look in the mirror after getting dressed. Hang in there, Lacey, those times will come again!!