02 July 2009


Mosely came running in from playing outside.

She approached her older sister cautiously. "Riley, do wishes really come true?"

Riley hesitated and glanced in my direction. I just smiled and figured I would let her handle this one on her own.

"Well, Mosely. Sometimes they do. Sometimes they don't," Riley ventured diplomatically. "What did you wish for?"

Mosely looked skeptical. "If I tell you my wish, then it definitely won't come true."

"Actually Mosely," Riley said, "Sometimes when you tell someone your wish, it can actually come true. Like if you tell Mom and Dad your wish, it might come true."

Smart kids.

Sometimes wishes come true. Sometimes they don't. But when you share your secret wishes with someone you allow an opportunity for God to use regular old people to make those wishes come true.

Mosely quietly shared that she was wishing for a teddy bear.

I think that one may just come true for you kiddo!

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  1. ahh if only all wishes were that easily obtainable