15 July 2009

By The Numbers

3 - Number of meals I prepared, consumed and cleaned up

5 - Number of small people who were bathed by me

39 - Number of tiny sunflower seed kernels that Mosely spilled when she dropped the container she was holding while trying to illegally climb up onto the counter

16 - Number of ears of corn that were shucked this afternoon

6 - Number of blood curdling screams that Mosely released after falling/scraping her elbow/ being splashed by hot corn cooking water/ being chased by Magnus/ not being able to open the door from the outside when her hands were full of dog food bowls/ expressing her displeasure at not being allowed to hold the garden hose when it was actually still London's turn

22 - Number of bug bites all over my body that itch incessantly

7 - Number of times I have fed my beautiful infant son today (beginning at 6 a.m. - hooray for 6 a.m.!! I'm not kidding. Honestly.)

1 - Number of actual personal phone calls I have received today (By the way, Riley is doing wonderfully in Africa!!)

8 - Number of telemarketing phone calls I have received today

1 - Number of spankings administered today

4 - Number of loads of laundry washed today

0 - Number of times I have left my house today

Countless - Number of times I have had to remind myself of the words I typed just a few days ago . . . this job matters. Everything is spiritual. This is worthwhile work.


  1. Those are the days when you can't say life is easy whith 5 kids. Then again...........

  2. What a day! Those numbers say it all!! Good job on bringing your mind back to the bottom line . . . what it's all about . . . again and again!!