29 July 2009

The Wise Finnian

This little girl may be a genius.

Or not.

But I probably owe her a positive post since the last time that I wrote about her I think I may have mentioned the word "terrible" and dwelt heavily upon her tiny child misbehavior.

At any rate, I think we all know there are many sides to every person. So why would a two foot tall person be any different?

We think she is learning the ropes awfully fast.

Of all the Keigley children, perhaps even including Riley, Piper Finn is the only one not at all afraid of Magnus. (The dog that is beginning to make me question my judgement.) And, of all the Keigley children (the walking ones at least) it seems Piper has the most reasonable excuse to be afraid of the overly happy, lopey, larger than her puppy that today actually knocked her down and attempted to steal her beloved eagle. And do you know what that brave little tyke did? She fought to get her eagle back. That's the spirit Piper! (I did come to her rescue, in case you are wondering what type of parent I am to let a dog and toddler duel it out. And I would have arrived at the scene earlier if my hands had not been full of trash bags that the dog later knocked over, spreading dryer sheets about the driveway as I was trying to load up the rest of the gang to get Riley to her tutoring session for which we were already running late.)

Also, this sprite of a daughter likes to clear her place at the table. Without being asked. (It's adorable.) Walking very slowly, with a look of utter concentration across her brow, she carefully crosses the kitchen, reaches for the stool with one hand while precariously balancing her plate or cup with the other hand and places the stool before the sink, climbs up and delicately deposits her items.

And, drum roll please, the Little Willow has decided to take upon herself the task of potty training. Yes, that is right. (I feel it may be a fluke, but let's not ruin the moment - okay?) Four times so far, with zero prompting, Piper has asked to go the potty and when she sat down....lo and behold.... she actually used the bathroom!

Do you think this kiddo is brilliant?

Or do you think she has already learned this about the world at our busy house - sometimes you have to fend for yourself, clean up after yourself and take care of your own needs.

Whatever the reason, we think she's a pretty smart Munch. She has passed her test. We'll let her stay.


  1. wow that's pretty amazing! if only it were that easy!

  2. Oh, that little scrunched up nose!! So adorable. I think this sounds like a child with a feisty personality . . . living in a large household . . . with exceptional intellect!!! She is adorable.

    One of these days we've got to head up to Flat Rock together!!