27 July 2009

Why Do I Write This Blog?

One word.


That's the one word reason. (And if I had self-control I would end this blog post right here.)

But I don't. Have self-control, that is.

I write this blog because I find that when I am keeping it up to date, I like my entire life better. I know that seems like a ridiculous amount of importance to place on a silly computer-generated journal-esque type thingy. But it's true.

When Piper pulls off her diaper and poops on the living room floor I get less angry and instead wonder how I can spin that occurrence to make you guys laugh. When spit up spews out of Fox's face and pools up inside my bra, my first thought may be "Oh, that's disgusting!" but my second thought is "What photo can I stick at the top of this entry?"

And sometimes my thoughts never make it to this blog, but just thinking about my day in a different light usually is enough to cure that moment's frustration.

So I write these ideas down as they come to me - I have two notebooks actually. One on my desk in our bedroom and one at the desk in the sunroom. (I don't always have time to travel far to record my fleeting ideas. And if I don't record them, you won't ever read about them. Because I will forget them by the time my head hits my pillow.)

So I guess this blog is like a sanity-saver. Cheap therapy.

And every day I can laugh at my life a little bit is a good day.


  1. No one ever writes these public blogs for others. They write them as an outlet and a form of therapy. If people were just trying to keep memories stored, photos and a private journal would do it. Outside opinions and approval in any form is therapy. No man is an island, right?

  2. i love your blog. i just told tyler the other day that i look forward to seeing what fun thing happened in your family that day. you encourage me, make me laugh, and keep me up on the growth of your sweet family. keep it up, i would be sad if you stopped.

  3. Writing down your blog ideas is great. I will be driving down the road with my head packed with brilliant blog ideas, but by the time I actually sit down to write one I have forgotten it all. Never the less, it does make for excellent life therapy. I like trying to find the "haha" in the "argh"

  4. I really enjoy reading your blogs! I always get so excited when you post a new one! Keep em coming!

  5. This is great!! I find blogging does exactly the same thing for me . . . keeps me looking at what can be a very mundane life with fresh eyes, always trying to find the joy and the beauty God hides in the corners! Love this post!

  6. There is just one thing to say. I love this blog.