01 July 2009

A Rose By Any Other Name . . .

Is it really true?

Does one thing become another thing if we use a different word to describe that thing? (That sounds complicated.)

Because here's a word I would rename.


I'm thinking about calling it by another name.

I'm thinking about calling it . . . vacation.



Three meals a day. Not prepared in any way by my own hands. And if I am really contrary, those meals will be carried to me in a private, quiet room where I sit alone on the only piece of furniture available. A bed.

Time set aside with regular consistency each and every day to exercise. And a facility in which to do said exercise. All at absolutely no cost to me. None whatsoever.

Early bedtimes.

Loads of uninterrupted reading time.

I don't have to fold anyone's laundry - not even my own.

No concerns over what to wear because the clothing is already provided. And who cares what matches or doesn't? Everyone is wearing the same classy brand and style.

Unlimited time to write and to think.

I'm pretty sure I can even take some self-help and educational, inspirational classes.

No need for make up or even basic grooming - there are no men around to impress.

More time for a phone call than I currently have.

Sounds good.

Hmmmm. So if I officially rename "prison" to "vacation" do I have to commit a crime to be included in on this sweet deal?


  1. amen! don't forget that every inmate has health insurance--something us working paycheck to paycheck people can't afford.

  2. I frequently tell Rich that I want to take a vacation at the Cypress Center - a mental health facility that we visit all too often. (not as patients, but visitors)
    They get to color all day and have good food.

    Prison's lunch isn't nearly as good - bologna sandwich, an apple & milk, and sheets sometimes don't get changed in between inmates. At least at our Valley Street Jail...

  3. Yea but they are not allowed to run with scissors and they have to color between the lines...........you keep me laughing! See thats where we are in different places in our life, with Erick moved out and Amber all social and everthing, I have more alone time than I would like some days............

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  5. It's all good until you get a prison shank just above your 4th rib... or you're sold for a pack of cigarettes.

  6. That's funny you called it "vacation" because thats where we say our clinic patients are when they go there!

  7. To quote a favorite band of mine - "All succesful drug research shows that drugs policies should be deacreased and treatment increased while abolishing mandatory minimum sentences."

  8. Hilarious, Lacey!! I'll know what was going on in your head if I suddenly see your picture splashed across the front page of the News.