26 July 2009

The Right Team

Bergen is a boy who approaches life wide open.

Most people only see Hawkeye revved up, nearly careening out of control at any given moment.

But the boy has more depth than that.

He loves his siblings. Loves them. He particularly loves his younger siblings. Adores would not be too strong of a word here.

Berg offers to hold Piper's hand when walking outside. He requests the pleasure of tucking her in for daily naps. He reads her books and plays Weebles endlessly with her.

Each morning he ambles into our bedroom, thumb in mouth, searching for Otto Fox so he can get in his daily dose of cuddling. He requests that we slide over so he can get in enough face time. He positions himself face to face with the tiny fellow and he just begins his routine of simply staring into Wilder's baby eyes.

This morning I asked him this question. "Berg, why do you love your baby brother so much?"

Through his thumb-filled mouth, Bergen answered, "Because he's on the boys team."


  1. So precious! Oh brotherly love! He is too adorable! I think I could just eat that little Bergen up! Seriously cute! :) I love the boys team! I am so glad he has a brother to go through life with him with all those girls!

  2. What a loving brother. If only my brothers loved me like that. Sigh...........