16 July 2009

These Two . . .

These two little girls can . . .

- Make peanut butter toast

- Pick out cute clothes for Piper and Otto Fox

- Help Bergen put on his favorite footie camouflage pajamas

- Change Piper Finn's diaper (not requested by Mommy mind you, just took their own initiative one day)

- Spread cream cheese on a bagel

- Take a shower like a grown up

- Answer the telephone politely

- Read a book to Piper

- Load the washing machine

- Clean up their own bedrooms

- Secretly prepare breakfast in bed for their parents

- Fold towels

- Unload the dishwasher

Truly, these little girls are such helpers. Most days, they REQUEST chores!

As London frequently reminds me, "Mommy, it's a good thing you have so many kids because you have so much work to do. You need our help."


  1. That London, oh yes, she needs to send this wisdom here....

  2. Oh, how adorable!! I could just give these 2 a squeeze. Thank you, both, for helping your mommy and keeping her sane . . . we like her that way.