12 January 2010

Super Walter

I live in a funny house.

With funny people.

Mostly under four feet tall, funny people.

I put Piper Finn down for her nap today and noticed a sippee cup in her bed. Inquiring from whence said sippee cup appeared, Piper informed me, "Walter gave me sippee cup."

That was plausible, since Walter was one of the co-babysitters last night while Kevin and I attended our first Bee Keeper's class. (Yes. Bee Keeping. That'll keep for another post.)

The cup's lid was twisted and I couldn't fix it, despite Piper's obvious frustration with my lack of sippee cup skills.

"I cannot fix this Finn," I told her.

My two year old sighed. "Walter can."

And then, a mere few minutes later in Real Time but who knows how much later in Piper Time, she proclaimed loudly, "I love Barack Obama and Walter."



  1. I laughed out loud when I read this! I'll be honest I did not see that coming.

  2. me neither! LOL! If true, she is becoming more and more in the minority.

  3. YES, totally random- I love it! I don't know if Cole or Beck would ever say Barack Obama- maybe we need to get into our current events and history?

  4. Well Morgann loves Mike Huckabee. This might cause some issues in Piper and Morgann's friendship...

  5. Unreal. I'm embarrassing myself here in Starbucks because I'm doing that awkward try-to-hold-the-laugh-in-shoulder-bounce.

    Bee Keeping? I can't wait to hear more.

  6. Don't worry guys. No fear. Piper is the only Keigley who declares a love for Mr. Obama. I feel confident we can alter her crazy political leanings before she reaches preschool.

  7. Uh oh, Morgann might beat her up about the Obama thing. We've perhaps been a little too loud in our disdain for some of his views and Miss Morgann will say: Obama hates babies. He wants them killed.

    Yeh, we kinda messed up there.

  8. Hilarious! Luci, my 4 year old niece also likes "Yomama."

  9. You better hope Page does not read this. Poor Piper some major intervention needs to be done here, Page would indoctrinate her with all things conservative! I might have to intervene as well.......who are you letting babysit her? Just teasing! :) Anyhow, you crack me up in all your funny quests........yet another......bee keeping. I want to see you all in your bee suits! I do not much care for honey but like the pollination! :)

  10. Your kids are so cute and funny...I got so behind on your blog (and mine...)...Bruce wants bees too! (and chickens...)