14 January 2010

In the Heart of the Country

We may not live on a farm any longer, but we sure can play as if we do.

Kevin recently crafted a clever and warm winter abode for our three dogs. He made it out of hay and it serves its purpose of dog shelter while being amazingly eco-friendly. (What a guy!)

And the kids think it's real cool too.

The play of every day since the dog home's construction has been hay-related.

Stick hay in the empty trash can.
Rain hay upon one another's heads.
Roll hay into eleventy billion piles.
Load hay into the red wagon and pull it all over the yard.
Fill the trash can with both hay and a person and then roll that person around until they almost cry.

And that's what I call - Farm Fun. (Even if three dogs and tens of thousands of potential bees does not a farm make.)


  1. My boys will have a blast with the hay fun next week! Can't wait to see you guys!

  2. This so reminds me of my childhood. And I love the pics, by the way. Very cute!