02 January 2010

Bergen's Choice

We stopped at candy stores.

More than once.

Each Keigley was allowed to choose one treat.

Whatever they wanted.

Mosely and London chose cotton candy. (I think they were influenced by the sheer size of the bag. They're into quantity right now.)

I chose a chocolate covered strawberry that was practically the size of my hand. (Maybe I am into quantity too.)

Kevin and Riley chose some overwhelming chocolate/ ice cream/ waffle cone concoctions at Ghiradelli's.

And Bergen chose this.
Three marshmallows dipped in chocolate then rolled in sprinkles and crushed peppermints and speared on a Mickey Mouse straw.

He loved it. Savored it.
Slowly eating this masterpiece of tooth decay for more than thirty minutes.


  1. Looks...tasty! I would have picked the hand sized chocolate covered strawberry as well- yum!

  2. I'm with Emma. That chocolate covered strawberry sounds quite tasty!

  3. i would have picked something big, too, and afterwards would have tried to get a bite of every other candy :-)