30 January 2010

One Snowy Day

A snow day in South Carolina.

From my experience thus far, that's a pretty rare treat.

And something worth celebrating.

It started as a small group - our family and Chris.

A little rolling in the snow. A little throwing of balls crafted from snow. A little sad snowman building. A little trekking through the snowy woods. A little grilled cheese and soup eating.

And then Walter sent a text warning us that a group of adventurers would be arriving shortly. And nearly immediately we looked out the window and saw a gang of pals approaching via foot on the driveway.

Our small group quickly leaped into a gathering.

A little game playing. A little caramel popcorn baking. A little hot cocoa drinking. A little snow sledding.

And then along the snowy driveway appeared a mini camp vehicle with good neighbors and friends.

Our gathering instantly morphed into a happening.

A little more game playing. A little pipe smoking. A lot more caramel popcorn eating. A little more sledding.

And finally the Demings showed up.

Our happening turned into a full-fledged shindig.

A lot more loud game playing. (Pit is an unreasonably loud game.) A lot of pizza eating. A little basketball watching.

You could call it Community.

And that would be true.

Or you could call it Life.

And that would be even better.


  1. warm fuzzies all over! A Snow Shindig is the best Shindig!

  2. what's really funny about the pit picture is Walter's look of disgust in the background.

  3. Oh, if we only has snow days in florida!!! I miss those days! Looks like a blast!!!! Glad to see all those fun snow shoes!!! Fun times! :) Enjoy! You guys live is such a fun place for that type of community!!! I LOVE IT!!!

  4. ooh, i just remembered a very very very loud and noisful game night on some wednesday in fall or winter 2001 in Snow Creek Christian Church. i loved this evening. i loved this game. and i love the people around. :-)


  5. That was the Church.
    Except when Walter stabbed me with a shiv he made out of delicious homemade caramel corn.