02 January 2010

Mosely is Six


I love them.

Mosely celebrated Six while we were on our vacation.
In honor of that number and that stinkin' adorable little girl - here are Six things I love about Mosely.

One. She loves her little sister. When Mosely wakes up in the mornings she eases up to my side of the bed and asks quietly, "May I wake up little Pipes?" And once I agree Mosely makes every effort to take care of her little sister. She tries to change her diaper and dress her in clothes that are Mosely-approved. (Which usually means a dress, of course.) She even gets her a cup of water and entertains her before breakfast.

Two. Her sporadic, but precious, bouts of physical affection. With the Mo-Town, you cannot force affection. The harder you push, the more she resists. (But Daddy keeps trying anyway.) So when Mosely deems it Cuddle Time, you drop everything and hold that kid tight. When she's ready for hugs, they are powerfully good ones.

Three. Those big, brown eyes.

Four. Her love of all things pink and pretty. It is so fun to buy Mosely trinkets and hair bands and bows and little pretty things. She adores them. The shinier the better. Her sparkly pink Chuck Taylors just define her sweet style.

Five. Mosely's laugh. I mean, have you heard this child laugh? It is fantastic. And contagious. And unstoppable. I love it.

Six. Her curiosity. She asks fun questions. She likes to know why. And I like to tell her.

Happy Birthday Little Six Year Old. Happy Birthday.

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  1. That child is someone seriously special... and yes, those big brown eyes!