31 January 2010

Saints and Sinners

On a ride in the Suburban recently, the kids and I had a pretty heavy theological discussion.

"How do we know who goes to heaven and who goes to hell?" one of my deep thinkers asked.

"Well," I started. Like I usually do. A stalling method I think I have perfected but which I know will have a short shelf life.

And Bergen jumps in - "I know that. Good people go to heaven and bad people go to hell."

"Well," I paused again. "That is not exactly true son. Are you a good person?"

He nodded his head yes.

"Do you ever do bad things?" I probed.

Bergen said, "Sometimes."

And we all started a conversation about how good people do bad things. And how bad people do good things.

We talked about how everyone has the capacity to be both bad and good, mean and kind - saint and sinner. Each one of us. Sometimes on the same day, even within the same minute. I have seen it with my own two eyes in a toddler and I have witnessed it in my very own actions.

Saints and sinners.

"So people who will go to heaven just believe that Jesus died for them - right Mommy?" Mosely asked.

"Yes. I believe so."

"I love God," Bergen said softly from his booster seat.

I smiled in the rear view mirror at my boy.

But he had one more question.

"Did God just hear that?"

"Yes, buddy. He did."


  1. Oh that Bergen is so sweet! God loves him too! And I am sure God smiled on that little boy!

  2. I have lost count of how many times my heart bursts with pride whilst reading this blog...

  3. Love, love, love the teachable moments. You're such a great mom/discipler, Lacey!

  4. You have every reason to be proud of your children. Being parents is a hard job which you both try to do very lovingly and with God's help. We all fail but you're definitely on the right track of nurturing your children in the Lord!
    Helen Rutrough

  5. i loved this so much that i read it to my junior Bible class. great stuff, Lace.