28 January 2010

The Next Thing

Today I woke up feeling . . . defeated.

Like the battle was over and I had already lost.

I read this quote once that Elisabeth Elliot (our Mosely Elliot's namesake) had once said to her daughter. I read it probably ten years ago. Maybe more.

But I still think about it nearly every day of my life.

Especially on days when I just need to manage. To make it to the next day. Or the next afternoon. Or the next hour. Or whenever.

She said, "Don't think about everything you need to do. Just do the next thing."


  1. just know that in my head, i'm giving you a big hug in a big sincere nate rector hug. i don't know if that helps or creeps you out.

  2. Elizabeth Eliot's "next thing" quote has given me comfort, brought me direction, and saved my sanity on more than one occasion!