13 January 2010

Lunch Lesson

This was yesterday's lunch for my children.

I like to call it . . . self-control on a plate.

Sometimes I like to place the kids' dessert on the same plate with their food, a la Look Up Lodge cafeteria dining style.

The rule governing desserts in our house, and probably in every house with young children, is basic. Eat your dinner first.

It hasn't changed in a long time. Back in the day, John the Baptist was probably eating his honey after his locust.

So I just placed the Oreo on the plate beside the other food options. Oreos are actually a pretty unusual treat at our house but they were purchased to fulfill their destiny as truffles but the package was opened early and the word quickly spread.

Self-control is hard. And it takes practice. Years of it. And we still frequently lack it.

But yesterday the Keiglets managed nicely.

Three out of four children waded through every required eating before they munched on their Oreo, earning them an additional Oreo to dunk in milk, TV-commercial-style.

Can you guess who caved into the temptation before dinner?


  1. Bergen! Just to be different b/c I was going to say Piper.

  2. I just want you to know...

    ... you are my favorite parent on the planet.

    I'm not just saying that.
    I really do have this opinion.


    I'm NOT saying that I think you're a good Mom.
    I already told you that a little while back.

    I told Mandi today ... she agreed.

    So that settles it.

    You are my favorite parent on the planet!!!