02 September 2009

While You Were Sleeping

I was feeding Wilder in his bedroom.

I finished.

I walked to the kitchen and was greeted by a wild scene.

Two small children, one two, the other four, stood before me. Looking sheepish. And guilty. And white. Looking very white.

"What?" I started to say.

I quickly realized that the white that had settled on their entire beings, from toes to roots of hair to cheeks to the two stuffed animals carried in their arms, was from powder. I could see it everywhere. I could smell it.

Wait a minute.

While I was feeding Wilder weren't these two playing in our bedroom? With their father?

Or so I thought.

"Kevin!" I shout.

A noise that I assume is his response comes from the bedroom.

The bedroom that is covered in a cloud of white. A choking cloud of white powder. I see a floor covered in white. Thickly covered in white powder.

Oh, there's Kevin.

Lying on the bed.


Covered in white powder.


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  2. What the heck?!
    If I had not been out saving the world one person at a time, I would not have been lightly napping. I was awake the whole time anyway -- I thought that it was amusing and really wanted to see your reaction.

    Mission accomplished.

  3. Oh my word!! I can smell it. I can feel it in the air. Oh my. Should we assume this same sweet father then cleaned up the mess and bathed the children : )??

  4. ooooh i truely hope he cleaned up... ;-)