13 September 2009

The Town of Mo

The rumor around our house is that Mosely is an alien.

(Hey, it's just a rumor guys.)

London even asked her, "Mosely, are you from this planet anyway?"

I'm not saying I believe the rumor.

But could this be evidence?

In MoselySpeak, words sound a little different.

A "driver" is what you and I would call a steering wheel.

Mosely frequently wishes for a backseat driver and a pedal so she can go wherever she wants to go.

When most people see a Volkswagon Beetle, they say "Punch bug!" Not Mosely. She says, "bizzy bizzy bizzy bizzy bizzy back".

If nighttime approaches and Mosely's special blanket, the one she has had since she was four months old, is MIA then she dejectedly asks, "What I can suck on now?"

For her birthday, which is three months away, Mosely is already scheming. "Can I have an animal that I hit out of the air with a stick while I am blindfaced?" (Translate that one on your own.)

She bites her own tongue a lot accidentally for some reason and declares many items that cross her path "ah-scus-ting".

When her brother Bergen crawls into bed with her she announces that she can no longer sleep because "Bergen's feet smell like cheeseburgers". (It might be true. I'm not checking.)

And this morning, while prancing out of the bathroom to get dressed for church, she screamed and said, "Ouch! I just stepped on my own skin!"


  1. I completely understand the "animal" that Mosey wants for her birthday...a pinata!!!

  2. Too cute. I love those little phrases that they stop saying all too soon. I have to write ours down too, otherwise I will forget. Thanks for sharing yours!

  3. From the planet "Precious"!

  4. I think Mosely is just adorable! She is a sweet addition to your family! What a peanut! :)

  5. If she is too foreign alien like for your family she can come live with me. In fact I think we have the perfect room for her.