10 September 2009

He Does

"Jesus screws everything up."

I just read that statement on a blog I recently discovered.

It wasn't an anti-Jesus blog. Not at all. It was actually an amazing story about love and restoration and hope.

And a man who allowed himself to be a part of God's plan for redemption when he really wanted to take another path.

But Jesus screwed that up.

Because He does that.

You want revenge? Oh, I don't think you can have that AND exhibit God's love. (You know, the very love that saved you.)

Want to wallow in your own self-pity? Shoot. Foiled again.

What about this? I just want to serve me. I want to be happy now. I want to be satisfied now. Basically, I want what I want when I want it.

Sooo. I guess Jesus screws that up too.

When I want to lash out in anger, God says be still. When I want to cry myself to sleep, God provides comfort. When I want to control my own destiny, God shows me a better plan.

When my soul is set on destruction, God provides a Saviour.

Yeah. Jesus really screws up everything.

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  1. This is great stuff! So glad I found your blog. I too, have a daughter Riley! Is she as spunky as my Riley? :-) Found you via Sarah's Blog!

    Nice to meet you. I'm not a follower of your blog.

    Love in Christ,