21 September 2009

From a Song to Art

Inspired by Ben Harper's song on the Curious George soundtrack, the kids and I made a little art last week.

(Yes, the Curious George soundtrack. Get it. It isn't just for kids.)

We had so much fun painting and cutting and pasting. Even Little Wilder left his mark - a mostly smeared orange hand print.

The art was fun. But the song is even better. I think it's a great anthem for our family and all of our little hands.

I can change the world
with my own two hands.

I can make it a better place.

I can make it a kinder place.
I could make peace on earth
with my own two hands.
I can reach out to you.

I can clean up the earth

with my own two hands.

I'm gonna make it a brighter place.

I'm gonna make it safer place.

I can help the human race
with my own two hands.

I can hold you.

I can comfort you

with my own two hands.

You can make peace on earth,

but you've got to use

your own two hands.


  1. what can you say? that rocks. yep, it does.

  2. You guys should load up and head this way.

  3. That's an awesome idea! Great song! That was on of our songs that we clung to while I was in massage school.

  4. Uh - that is the perfect massage school song!!! I love it.

    Okay - G - Are you sure you mean that??

  5. I LOVE that idea!!!
    you are soo creative and I too really like the Curious George soundtrack :o)