03 September 2009

Do It Yourself

Look at these cute bags.

We made them ourselves.

We took the idea from our favorite magazine - FamilyFun - so I cannot claim original creativity here.

It was so easy. (And it has to be for an amateur at the sewing machine such as myself.)

The kids all picked a favorite too-little t-shirt. I cut the bottom off and turned it inside out before stitching it together. (With purple thread because I have no idea how to change the bobbin thread. I need help with that. Soon. Yes, this is me begging. Don't teach me. Just do it for me.) I also trimmed down the neck and the sleeves for a more bag-like look and even stitched those for reinforcement, although you wouldn't have to actually do that step.

That's it.

From a t-shirt to a bag in under ten minutes.

Very cool.

And Bergen has one too - with a print covered in trucks and bulldozers. But he wasn't exactly feeling photogenic when this photo shoot was arranged so we let him step away from the scene.


  1. Very Cool!
    I just do that for pillows, but this is better!

  2. i agree, very cool! if your sewing machine came with a manual it should explain how to change the bobbin thread. Mine actually explained it clearly enough that I learned to do it! And I think it's awesome that London's bag is the same shirt she's wearing the side bar photo you have up. And that she and Mo look happy while Piper looks a bit out of it.

    - t

  3. I love the bags! I may be making some extra grocery bags with some old t-shirts this next week.
    I can change your bobbin if you would like.