28 September 2009

Life Is Wonderful

We took a little hike around the lake today.

I heard Bergen singing this ... "life is wonderful".

It is.

Kevin is back in America. Fall seems to be loafing nearby. We're all healthy. There is food in our refrigerator. Our kids are laughing. And walking on trails holding hands without being prompted. Ice cube trays and reusable ice cubes are written on my weekly grocery list. Wilder has learned how to chuckle and to grin in response to your grin. We enjoyed a delicious Mexican meal last night at a new-to-us restaurant.

Life is wonderful.

And I think it is probably all the more wonderful because it hasn't always been wonderful.

Do you know what I mean?

It is only because we know the dark that we so appreciate the light. When we have experienced the bad, we just love the good. When you've been without, you are so grateful to be with. If it has been raining for days, you better believe you will smile when you see the sun.

Being in the dark has reminded me of how good the light is. And I am confident that the God of these good times has been my God of the dark times too.

So while we are here, I think I will sing with Berg - life is wonderful.


  1. technically the enjoying the light more because it hasn't always been good is a philosophical fallacy. but i totally know that feeling and can't wait to get it back! i'm glad kevin made it home safe and things are going so well. i love reading your blogs. your family is beautiful :-)

    - t

  2. do explain terry my friend. really. please do explain. (i love fallacies revealed.)

  3. Such a sweet and beautiful picture of you and little Piper!! Thank goodness for the light and the joy!!