07 September 2009

Bang Up Job

Guess who cut her own hair?

And did a remarkably decent job.

(With only a few minor adjustments by our in-house hair stylist Kevin.)

This is the same five year old who recently approached her nickname-loving father and respectfully inquired, "Daddy, I don't care for being called Mo-Town any longer. Will you please only call me Mosely?"


  1. Oh my word . . . this child is gorgeous! Love the hair too. : )

  2. Yes, my child (Ashlyn, who is 8) cut bangs for herself recently too. Except she didn't do such a great job. At first I thought I was going to throw up. It was a huge chunk of hair in the front that was MAYBE an inch long right after she did it. I took her to my stylist and she shaped it up a bit, and now only time can repair the damage. Of course I never put it like that in front of Ash!!!! I'm getting a little used to it!! :)

  3. great hair cut. i think mo-town is most awesome nickname i've ever heard. i'm kind of sad she outgrew it so early!

    - t