20 October 2009

School Days

You know what I love?

Borrowing ideas from people far more clever than I.

I saw a picture of my friend Kate's children playing with spaghetti noodles at a table.

I took her idea.

And did it at my own table. With my own kids.

At first, they couldn't get over the novelty of the fact that Mommy had just dumped noodles all over the table and actually instructed them to play with their food.

It was great. London spelled her name and underlined it. Hawkeye spelled a "b" and asked me to help him form the remaining letters. Mosely created a large head with an ultra-squiggly beard that made us all giggle. And Piper? Well, she just shoved handfuls of sticky pasta in her mouth.

This was just the start of a particularly fun week at the School of Keigley.

We've been covering every facet of education this week.

Monday some of the crew headed out to see a performance of "Peter and the Wolf" at a local theatre. Midway through the play, Bergen turned to me and whispered, "I like this play - don't you Mommy?" And the girls have been quoting the wolf's lines all day today.

This afternoon London and Mosely took their first art class in downtown Hendersonville. They studied Da Vinci. We introduced the painter extraordinaire last week and suddenly Mona Lisa seems to be everywhere. Bergen just thinks it is so funny that they even saw a Mona Lisa that someone had drawn a moustache across. The girls were so grown that they attended the class sans me and it was a bit surreal to watch them just go off and do their own little thing. (They have been infatuated with their own togetherness lately, even to the point of insisting on wearing matching outfits today.)

And then there's tomorrow. Tomorrow we get to take a guided hike with a homeschool group at Pisgah National Forest. The kids get to study raccoons and wood ducks and visit the fish hatchery.

And . . . . with that said . . . . I am off to pack a picnic lunch!


  1. Sounds like a great week of learning! I will have to add the spaghetti idea! Looks like fun! I think it is cute that Piper started eating it. What cutie pies! I also like Mosely and London insisting on wearing matching outfits. How cute. My goodness girls are too funny! Thanks for sharing. Been meaning to write you a real e-mail. I will get around to it! Take care! G

  2. I think it is awesome that you are watching a play with Russian origin. :-) You are a great teacher and mom :-) giving these little ones the opportunity to enjoy this old type of art!!!


  3. Can I be accepted into the School of Keigley? You guys always have the most fun!

  4. yes sarah. you may be accepted to our school. the application process is rather lengthy but i think i know the headmaster so i may have an "in".