17 October 2009

A Little Stir Crazy

Kevin was in Israel for a lot of days.

And some of those days felt much longer than others.

And those many days were also followed by many nights.

I might have gotten a little stir crazy while he was gone.

I might have rearranged the living room furniture in at least twelve various configurations, none of which seemed to please anyone but me.

I might have painted the kitchen cabinets with chalkboard paint and drawn on all the doors with colored chalk.

I might have cleaned out the kids' closets on multiple evenings.

I might have reorganized Kevin's plethora of t-shirts into tidy stacks according to style, color and usage.

I might have moved all of our family's unnecessarily extensive DVD collection from one storage cabinet to another, ordering the DVDs into categories that amused me - such as All Films That Feature Musical Instruction To Young Children, thus causing School of Rock and Sound of Music to dwell side by side in perfect harmony.

I might have given our bedroom a major overhaul, adding risers under our bed and picking up some new red curtains and moving bookshelves that were most certainly too heavy to lift.

I might have bought a huge framed painting of two lions hanging out at local store for a pittance compared to the cost of purchasing new canvas and framing my own artwork. And since I don't want a huge picture of two lions hanging out, I may have just painted right over that crazy scene to do my own art project.

And I might have found these cool windows in the barn and thought that they made a cute mock headboard.

But since Kevin has been home, our evenings seldom involve home projects such as these and the furniture has stayed in its proper place.



  1. hmmmm... i should do that too... mike would come to a new home! I am thinking about overhauling our room to make it more like a santuary for him when he gets home... I was even thinking about building a closet... I really like the windows alot!!! that is super. Also, I need you to make a trip here to paint words on my walls... I have horrible hand writing. Please?!

  2. you definitely should Maggie. It keeps you occupied. And, actually, a sanctuary was exactly my goal. we certainly need a mostly-kids-not-allowed room and I just wanted our bedroom to feel peaceful as opposed to the usual chaos in the rest of our home. I even bought very low cost candle wall hanging things.
    and sure - i'll be on my way to west va. soon - just to write on your walls. actually, i really love writing on walls.

  3. hey lacey - one thing i remember very clearly from your home (that i visited too many years ago... :-( ..) are the painted and individually decorated chairs with quotes. i loved these so much!!! i already told my boyfriend i want some of those (painted by ourselves ;-) once we live together in one home!!! :-)