28 October 2009

I Didn't Know

I am constantly learning new things.

Sure, plenty of those things are powerful, spiritual and perspective-altering.

But some of them are not.

For example.

I didn't know that size 6 jeans for six-year-olds are already $15 even at low-cost stores such as T.J. Maxx. (I just visited Ye Olde Good Will Shoppe to cure that one.)

I didn't know that petite clothing has very little do with your overall size. I always thought those clothes were for very tiny people so I sidestepped those racks. I recently found out that petite is actually talking about your height! As a relatively short person, why hasn't someone, anyone, told me this before? Was every salesperson in my life ignorant or uninformed? What? I have been walking on the hems of my jeans since....well, since I could walk. And now, now at thirty-six, I discover the world of petite. It's about time!

And this week I just solved another mystery that had left me confused for years.

After carving many pumpkins I always wondered how the innards of the pumpkins we carved could ever mutate into the form of the condensed pumpkin stuff I bought in cans for less than two dollars. I just chalked it up to the mysteries of processed foods and let it go. But I could never connect how the stringy, seedy pulp we plopped in the compost became such a different texture and consistency. And I assumed it must take hordes of real-life pumpkins to fill even one can of pumpkin at the store.

Guess what?

It was just this week that I was enlightened.

It's not the stringy, goopy, seedy stuff that makes it to the cans. Nope. It's the rest of the pumpkin. All the golden thick walls of the pumpkin which your knife slices right through.

Who knew?

Okay, well, probably everybody but me.

(And yeah - I was raised on a farm. So what? We had cows, not pumpkins!)

So in the spirit of making me feel less ridiculous,
wouldn't you like to tell me what you never knew?


  1. I just found out 2 years ago that the Washington Redskins were in DC and not Washington State. I'm 38 and have been watching football since I was a young lad.

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  3. I never knew I had the power of Arthur Fonzarelli until my speedometer quit working while I was driving tonight and I hit it with my hand and it sprang back to life. All these years of pulling electronic devices apart to fix them, and all I had to do was Fonzie the thing.

  4. I never knew that if I made a silly spelling error while commenting on someone else's blogspot blog, then deleted it, fixed and re-posted it, that everybody could still see that I had posted something I didn't want to be seen--and I've been on blogspot for four years.

  5. This is hilarious. Always learning : )!

  6. That the slogan to Sara Lee is "Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee". I always thought it was "Nobody does it like Sara Lee".