09 October 2009

Brought To You By . . .

As I said in the last post, it's no small task for both Kevin and I to leave the state of South Carolina sans children.

But leave it we did, if only for an overnight journey to Atlanta for that U2 concert I was raving about recently.

And our adventure was brought to us by some wonderful people we like to call Emma and Sally. Or Aunt E and Oma. Or "Aunt Eeeee-muh" if you are two.

How do you get to claim the title of sainthood anyway?

Do you have to be Catholic?

Or dead?

Well, if those are the two primary requirements then I guess Emma and Sally are officially out of the running. But despite the rules, I think they stand a pretty good chance for a nomination anyway.

Because a few weeks ago when I jokingly asked Emma if she wanted to bring her two young sons and come hang out with five of our children, four of whom are under the age of six, she didn't laugh or choke or change the subject. She said, "That sounds like fun. I'll check with Jon." (Maybe she forgot to count how many little kids that would be in total - like six, I think.)

And when we told Sally about the one night slumber party, she wanted in on the fun too, since she was heading up to the farm anyway. Just a little detour - right?

The kids were all so excited to have a sleepover at their own house with their pals Colton and Beckett. Bergen planned to share his room with Colton. Piper began early asking if Beckett could sleep in her room. (I think Emma said they tried this for a short while. Two two-year-olds in a tent. Probably not a sleep-inducing set up. But I bet they looked so cute.)

And as if simply taking care of the kids at home was not challenging enough, all of the younger kids even got to go on an adventure of their own - to the apple orchard!

(Where Sally said London declared that she realized the logic behind the naming of a certain apple variety. London said, "I know why they call this a golden delicious apple. They are golden. And they taste delicious.")

It was a blessing beyond words to be able to drive away in a car for a night's adventure and not even once have to worry about the safety or well-being of our children.

We knew they were with Aunt E and Oma.

That they were fed. Talked to. Played with. Tucked in. Laughed with. Cared for. Taken care of. Safe.

In short, loved.

I don't know if Emma and Sally are ready for a Round Two any time soon, but the Keigley kids cannot wait to do it all over again.

London and Mosely reminded me that they still want a tea party with Oma. Piper randomly declares to all within hearing distance, "Beckett. My friend." And as I tucked Berg into bed tonight he told me, "Colton liked my room. I just want him to sleep here all the time."


  1. What fun! Can Emma and Sally come here??? Are they for hire? I say they are saints too and I believe you should nominate them for the Noble Peace Prize! Precious friends to you! That is really awesome! You really are blessed and they too are blessed! Oh, the apple orchard sounds like a great time too, I want to go next time. I am glad you had a good time at the U2 concert. Yeah for the Keigley's! :) Love ya! g

  2. Does this mean Oma, i mean Sally is in Va at the farm and available for an Edible Vibe encounter!?