13 October 2009

Bergen Hawkeye - The Interview

The following is an interview with a little boy.

A little boy who lives life so wide open and so exuberantly. A little boy missing two front teeth from two separate traumatic events. A boy with a scar on his right cheek from running into Jane's truck. And another scar on his chest from a nail on a dock last summer. A little boy who cries far more often from hurt feelings than from hurt limbs.

My little boy.

It is a rare and exclusive peek into the mind that is Hawkeye.

(Rare in that he does not frequently stand still long enough to answer a series of questions. Exclusive in the fact that who else would be pursuing a four-year-old to interview except his own mother.)

What you will read here will be unedited and unscripted.

Because if Bergen is anything, he's the real deal.

What is your full name?

Bergen Hawkeye Norton Keigley

Which of those names is your favorite and why?

I don't know. Bergen. Because it's a short name.

What color are your eyes?


What color is you hair?


And what is the shade of your skin?


How old are you?

This many. [holding up four fingers.]

What is your favorite toy?

Brutus. [ A monster truck with very large tires. Purchased originally as a Christmas present from his grandfather. Played with until recently retired due to a major accident. Re-purchased by his father about two weeks ago. ]

Why do you love Brutus?

Because he is just new and excited.

What was your favorite vacation and why?

At the beach. The beach is just so fun.

What do you like best about being a Keigley?

We don't always grow up that much.

Why do you love Daddy so much?

He's just real nice and cuddly.

What type of job would you like to have one day?

Just cleaning the dishes and dishing up kids' plates.

What is your favorite book?

Stellaluna. Because it's my night- night story.

What is your favorite song?

Beautiful Boy. [The Ben Harper version. Or, in Berg's words - "Ben Harpen".]

Is there anything you are afraid of?

Snakes. 'Cos they bite people too much.

What is it that you love to eat?

Chicken. Chicken nuggets.

What do you think of your little brother Otto Fox?

He's real nice and cute.

What do you like to do with him?

Play. Can I be done now?

The morning prior to this interview, we were walking through a parking lot. Bergen was adjusting his hat. He did not see the car side mirror as he walked. He completely knocked his forehead right into the solid, stationary object. I heard a loud smacking sound. I am not sure Bergen even blinked. No tears. A slight rub to the head and then back to his hat adjustment.

I asked Bergen why he thought he got hurt so often.

He answered, "Because being a boy is hard."


  1. That is just plain AWESOME lacey. I love it! Thats what a little boy should be like. Good job guys!

  2. My favorite part?

    "What do you like best about being a Keigley?

    We don't always grow up that much."

    Well said, Bergen, well said.

  3. That is my boy. MY son. He is an endless source of amazingness for me.
    He is also a miniature superhero. If only he could fly...and every time he sneezed, money would come shooting from his nostrils. That would be cool.

  4. I like that he wants to dish up kids plates! That is cute! Nice interview! :)

  5. Caleb recently said that he wanted to paint cars for a living...so it looks like Macco and S&S cafeteria-here come our boys. Maybe they can get together after work and go to the arcade!

  6. Wow. I love that kid. I think Berg could be the posterboy for classic boyhood. He is definitely a mini super hero.