04 August 2009

Travelers Rest

It's August.

And that means something around here.

Summer camp season is almost complete.

As I have said before, if summers in Virginia always ended when the Wickstrum's suburban pulled out of the driveway, then summers here end when the summer staffers load up their belongings and leave the camp.

What a privilege it has been to be a part of all that is Look Up Lodge - two summers now.

We love this collection of people, travelers, if you will. All of us at different stages in our journeys, but headed for the same ultimate direction - to live forever.

How prophetic really. To live in Travelers Rest.

Travelers Rest.

And everything in our lives has been propelling us to this place. To this square spot on the earth.

To raise these six humans.

To throw open the doors and windows of our very lives and bravely bare our warts and our wounds, our mountain moments, our miseries and our mysteries. To be real and to welcome these summer sojourners into our story as a gift, to be opened and examined and studied and scrutinized.

Rest here, travelers. It isn't always safe. It isn't a luxurious life. But it's yours to share.

My life is my message. - Ghandi


  1. I am so very happpy that you guys decided to go the NC! Not that I wanted you to leave VA by any means, but it is such a great experiance!
    Tell your 6 little humans hello. Send Riley this way sometime soon! I will take her on a field trip or something!

  2. Love this post and you guys. I feel blessed to have been there a summer with you guys and to still be a part of your lives.