06 August 2009

Multi-Task Madness

Women are Queen Multi-Taskers.

And we have this whole network of women out there who are doing simple things better and faster. So we should collaborate a little more often - quit reinventing the wheel all the time - right?

What I am saying is - what do you do that cuts down a few of your chores every day? How do you save time or money or energy or effort in some way that you think maybe everyone else is doing, but we really aren't?

I'll go first.

It's a little one. And you may already do this. Or do this better. That's good. But here it is anyway.

There are a lot of dirty children running around this house on any given day. And only one of them showers without being reminded.

So I use bath time. And I use it well.

While the kids are enjoying their splishy-splashy I do one or many of the following activities . . .

Scrub the toilet

Wipe down the ever toothpaste stained sink

Clean the mirror (We have the best cleaner that Kevin won a case of in a golf tournament a few years back. I'll be sad when that mother load runs out. )

Jumping jacks

Lift my puny little weights

Read a novel

Make the random phone call

Paint art on the bathroom wall

Construct my grocery list

Write letters

Soak my own feet and then give myself a pedicure

These activities keep me in the room since my chaps are mostly too small to be left alone in tubs of water. I sometimes let them eat popsicles during their bath time. I often brush their teeth while they bathe.

I sort of enjoy bath time. It's pretty productive.

Now it's your turn.


  1. umh. i like this list of things... i should write it down in my journal - for using it one day i am a mommy, too, and want to use bath time efficiently... :-)
    - Marie from Germany-

  2. that makes me laugh. I do kinda the same thing. While I am on the john so to say, my bathroom is so tiny that I can clean the sink and half the bathtub and half the floor.

  3. Lacey, your blog is adorable. I found it through Shelley at Living with Imperfection. I'm a middle aged mommy of 4, with only one left at home. Your blog brings back a flood of memories for me. Precious times. Continue to cherish them.

  4. ok here is my time saver/ being lazy/cutting out something i dislike doing...we have same day laundry service on sheets. i dislike folding sheets, therefore i wash and put back on the sheets the same day! No folding, voila!