15 August 2009

See Ya' Later

Camp is over.

We've said goodbye to summer staffers.

Now it's time to say goodbye to you guys.

But don't worry.

It's not forever. Just for a week.

We're headed to the beach and we're leaving behind the computer and we're not checking facebook or updating blogs or checking e-mail.

Instead, we'll be checking out each other.

We plan to swim and to splash and to explore. To sleep late. To eat crazy prepackaged foods like Pop-tarts and Spaghettio-'s. We'll let the kid watch extra movies and we'll eat out at restaurants like Moon River and the Crab Shack.

I hope we see dolphins and turtles and a big lighthouse. I hope we see our kids laugh until they cry. And love one another's company.

I hope we hear ocean waves and the simple sounds of birds and breezes blowing through palm trees. I hope we hear giggles and stories.

And you can be sure, when we come back, after the laundry and the last minute school preparations, I'll be telling you all about it.

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