27 August 2009

Birthday Dos

A lot of my pictures recently seem to be of this kid. But she's just so darn cute.

And today there are more shots of Little Willow. Because it's a big day. She turns two today.

Piper, you're a pretty cool kid. I like how you ask me to sing your special song every night. "Bennnnd Will-whoa". And I think it's hilarious how you wander around the house singing, "We will ROCK you!"

Your stuffed eagle is still your absolute favorite toy and companion. He's filthy and you have a particular way in which you hold him - upside down so you can caress his tail feathers all day long. (What you don't know is - Daddy located two back up eagles in case you ever lose that guy and they are hidden in our bedroom even as I type this.)

I have never known another two year old with a memory for names and faces like yours. You recall more than 30 Look Up Lodge staffers and say their names when you see them, even in photographs. Not to mention the myriad of other people you recognize and love. And you freely share high fives and rocks with anyone who offers them to you first.

And your laugh. Oh, your laugh. It is sweet and adorable. Bergen does dramatic free falls just to hear it. (And you always oblige.) You have even mastered the fake laugh. And the fake cry.

I think your daddy would eat you if that was allowed in polite society and was not really weird and wrong. He calls you Little Munch because you are so tasty. His favorite word that you say is "gah-in" [again] and you say this after every silly face he makes at you during dinner.

You're pretty popular among your siblings as well. Bergen asks every morning if he can wake you up for a little cuddling. (I don't usually deny this request.) London thinks choosing your clothes is a special privilege. Mosely refers to you as "Pipes". You and Otto are the only Keigleys that Riley requests to babysit.

I think the point here is clear - we love you!

Happy Second Birthday Piper Finnian Willow Lacey Keigley!


  1. Yay for Piper! Erik and Sarah love you lots too! Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday little Piper! Make sure you listen to your phone message (and if you didn't get it, the boys would love to sing happy birthday to you again!)

  3. Your pics of little Piper absolutely drive me crazy!! Ages 1 1/2 to 2 2 1/2 are my best ages ever, ever ever. Every time I see this little girl I get baby cravings to the point of insanity!!! : ) She is adorable.