05 May 2009

What It All Comes Down To

Why do we say the things we say to children?

No wonder they grow up a bit confused and have to find out so much for themselves in the long run anyway.

The breakfast table topic this morning was birthdays - whose was next and what that child wanted to do. In our house, that discussion always leads to a discussion involving Chuck E. Cheese's. (We've only dared enter that establishment twice in our children's lives, but it has unfortunately clearly made a large impression.)

As they bantered about the games, the ball pit and the pizza that you can eat while watching a show, London wisely surmised the experience . . . and called us out on our society's breaking of one of the cardinal rules preached to children.

"You know, right before you leave the restaurant and Chuck E. Cheese comes over to give you a hug? He's just a guy dressed in a costume so we are really just hugging a stranger."


  1. London is too smart for her age!
    P.S. I wouldn't ever dare to get near a place such as Chuck. E. Cheese's