25 May 2009

Little Buff Wearer


On his arrival day at our house, Little Otto dressed in style - with his own new baby buff!

Otto Fox Wilder McDonald Keigley slept like a champ his first night home - he crashed out in his sweet little Moses basket, all swaddled by the swaddling professional (aka as Daddy).

First, thanks and thanks and more thanks to Aunt Emma and Cole and Beck who came to the rescue and stayed at the house and played with the Keigley kids. Apologies to Beckett from Piper. I heard she was a little rough. That's not how girls are supposed to be. We'll be working on that! Until then, Beck - remember that Piper loves you!

And as for the name...... what a difficult decision it was.

You want the breakdown? Of course you do.

Otto ---- This little guy was a survivor from that start. Not to give too many details, but this guy was a complete surprise. And both the doctors and myself were sure I was having a miscarriage so it was shock all around when a viable heartbeat was discerned. But there he was. And he has remained strong and healthy - a little miracle like all newborn babies. But we wanted to name him after a genuine survivor with a strong name - Otto Frank was Anne Frank's father and not only did he physically survive the Holocaust and the crushing loss of his entire family, he thrived after the war ended. He carved a new life for himself, marrying again and raising a step-daughter, Eva Schloss, whom Riley and I had the privilege of meeting several years ago at a theatre performance about her life.

Fox ---- A name we both just really liked. And we liked the idea of having a Fox and a Hawke!

Wilder ---- Always a literary choice in any Keigley name. This one is for Almanzo and Laura Ingalls Wilder of Little House on the Prairie fame. We love that book series and the resilience of the pioneer people.

McDonald ---- The maiden name of Kevin's mother.


  1. He is precious. Lacey - he looks so alert and mature - not like I would expect a newborn to look! Congratulations to your family...and I loved reading where the name came from!!

  2. What a handsome fellow! Thank you for the name breakdown. Very cool and interesting! I like it...and congratulations!


  3. have you ever read Otto's monologue. It is amazing... I am sure you have.
    He is a cute little guy. Can't wait to meet him! I hope you guys make it to the wedding!