11 May 2009

This One

I just don't know if you have seen enough of this kid lately.

At dinner Mosely is frequently guilty of bringing her prized blanket to the table. Blankets are not allowed at the Keigley meal table. (Yes, that is a real rule at our house.)

Kevin told her to store it somewhere special so she would not misplace it.

With great pomp, Mosely arose from the table, carried her blanket across the kitchen and opened the china cabinet. She lovingly placed her blanket on the shelf so she could see it through the glass doors during the entire meal.


  1. What a cute kid. I love that Mosely with her blanket. And come on- every once in a while, 10 comments is nice!

  2. Trust me Emma, my "greedy" comment on your blog was motivated purely by jealously. Purely.

  3. Don't be jealous Lacey!
    I love that Mosely girl!

  4. Mosely just wanted to make sure her blanket was safe!
    (the china might have hurt it)