23 April 2009

The Peacemaker

It is both curious and humbling to watch your children develop traits and characteristics on their own.

London Eli is growing into quite the Peacemaker or Conflict-Avoider.

She seems to be always keeping her eyes open for opportunities to smooth over situations between her siblings before conflicts get out of hand. At a recent lunch at the lodge, after Bergen finishes his allotted one cup of juice, London quickly observes his sadness and near emotional breakdown as he asks for more juice and gets a parental refusal. Before he hits the floor, London says, "Hey Berg, I have some juice left. Would you like to finish mine?" Conflict avoided.

On a trip to Ben and Jerry's, the kids all enjoyed an ice cream cone while sitting outside on a park bench. Every Keigley kid enjoys the last pointy bite of ice cream cone as their favorite bite. And it takes a lot of effort and eating to make it all the way to that pointy end. After finally working through the cone, Berg was just at the end when....oops... he dropped his cone on the sidewalk. As I was informing my unhygienic son that he could not consume that precious bite, any observing eye could see what was about to happen - meltdown. Again, London to the rescue. "Bergen, look - I still have a pointy bite like you, only it's bigger. Do you want to eat my cone?" And the answer is "yes" and the breakdown is averted.

Now, I am not saying that I think London's consistent pandering to her brother will work in his benefit exactly. I just think it is interesting that she has already developed such a strong sense of keeping the peace.

And I think it is really amazing that I have the privilege of watching these small humans grow and mature and learn and explore.

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  1. This is my favorite part of parenting . . . watching them become the person God created them to be!! Fascinating, enthralling, humbling.