19 April 2009

Happy Birthday Bergen

Bergen turned four this weekend.

Celebrating with Bergen Hawkeye . . . .

- When you tell him "happy birthday" he responds by saying, "Happy Birthday!"

- Kevin made him his own special Wolverine claws. Quite an undertaking, but well-appreciated.

- After his birthday party, Bergen would thank his guests by shouting "THANK YOU FOR COMING" through a mouthful of cake.

- Bergen received the coolest remote control car that keeps running, even when it hits a wall. Not only was it his first remote control, it was the first gift he ever requested after seeing it on a "cah-mur-shuh-mull". [commercial] Ah, advertising.

- Berg's cake was the coolest Batman-inspired cake ever. Designed especially by his loving father.

- I assembled Bergen's Big Wheel - way more complicated than it should be. And the wheel fell off when he raced it down the driveway. (But Dad can fix it!)

- When Bergen blew out his candles he took a huge breath between each candle and spit all over each one as he blew. The spit cake was not as popular as the alternate cake.

Happy Birthday Little Mister! I have loved four years of you!!

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  1. Aww- so glad you had a great birthday BERG! Love ya!