21 April 2009

What's That?

After church Sunday I had to stop at the grocery store and I knew every little person in the car was hungry and that by the time we got home it would be later than our normal lunch time.

No one likes that - right?

And I didn't feel like creating some great meal nor did I want to drive through a fast food place. (Maybe I'll blog about my relationship with McDonald's later.)

The point here is ...... I walked by the frozen pizza aisle and thought, "Yeah, that would work" and I bought a frozen pizza. It did feel like an out-of-the-ordinary purchase for me but I didn't really pause to contemplate the reasons why.

At home I took the pizza out of the grocery bag and London said, "What's that Mom?" Once I told her it was a pizza she had a look of confusion on her face. "In a box? How did they put a pizza in a little box at the grocery store Mom? That's weird."

And then it occurred to me. I have never served my kids a frozen pizza before. How funny is that?

What frozen oddity will they encounter next?

I think the other day I bought Eggos for the first time. Primarily, I bought them because it was triple coupon day at Bloom and they only cost 15 cents per box. (I prefer serving whole foods, but who can pass up processed convenience at that price?) I also bought them in anticipation of the upcoming newest Keigley arrival and I figured it was a breakfast even London could make on her own.

Just wait until they get a hold of waffles that come of a box. Weird!


  1. Good job! So proud of you! It's hard to resist the culture and feed your kids what you know will nourish them. You are obviously fighting your way upstream! Way to go.

  2. You didn't happen to have bought a second pizza that you are not going to use, did you? You know, so you could give it to your friends who live just down the road? I mean me.

  3. this is awesome! you are in SC, truely an american family but have not served your kids frozen pizza until the other day! it almost feels revolutionairy to me.... :-) great job!!