31 December 2009


Oh my goodness.

We have been out of town for a while, it seems. A little out of touch. And our internet at home is down.

And although perhaps I should be ashamed to admit this - I have really missed writing this blog.

But I am back now.

And you may just be sorry that I am. Because I hope to update with a flurry of posts. Yes. A flurry. Like snow. (Which I wish we would see a bit of.)

Because here I am.

At Panera Bread.

Free wifi.

A cinnamon scone to my right.

A loaf of french bread leaning against the wall waiting to be served with our spaghetti dinner tonight.

A bear claw in a bag to go for my sweet husband who is at home with our children.

And a laptop in front of me.

A sweet laptop!

And it belongs to me!

It may not be a Mac, but it's mine!

(thank you Dad)

I am far more excited than a person should be.

(I think people might be staring at me. When is the last time you saw someone at Panera giddy with joy to simply be typing at a table alone?)

Hold on.

Here we go!


  1. There was someone just like that at the edible Vibe about 6 months ago!

  2. You'll have to let me know if your Dad ever finds a laptop with a floppy disc drive. ;)
    I know the glorious feeling of being alone with your very own laptop and with a cinnamon scone, nonetheless!