08 December 2009

Long, Strange Trip

Destination: London, Ohio. The birthplace of one Kevin J. Keigley

Detours: Three. One - To wrap up former business details. Two - To surprise a wonderful friend. Three - To avoid a rock slide on the interstate.

Number of Donatos Pizzas Ordered During Our Three Days in Ohio: 4

Hours Spent in a Packed Suburban With Six Children: About 30

Number of Times Mosely shouted "My bum itches": Approximately 42

Favorite New Menu Item at a Restaurant: Panera Bread's Macaroni & Cheese

New Skill Acquired by Bergen, Taught to Him by His Older Cousins: An intense football tackle

Number of Rented Books on Tape: 2

Number of Books on Tape That Failed to Operate Correctly: 2

Best Wake Up Call: A lovely dusting of snow the morning we departed

Number of Cars on the Interstate Engulfed in Flames: 1


  1. Glad you made it back safely! Looking forward to seeing you all!

  2. The Carolinas just aren't the same when the Keigley's are gone! Glad you are back, and we will see you tomorrow night! The gang will be back together after...what...3 weeks?

  3. Donatos is Matt's favorite pizza place! And we recently discovered there are donatos in Charlotte and Rock Hill! We are thinking of making a two-hour trip for dinner one of these days, I've never had it but he swears it's that good :)