05 November 2009

London Elizabeth Scout Keigley: The Interview

Based on the popularity of my last interview with a young man about town named Bergen Hawkeye, I thought I might ride the coattails of that success and present another interview.

This interview was a bit easier to attain, as this child is less inclined to bolt midway through a sentence.

This small one is a thinker, a philosopher, a leader of her many young siblings and just a darn cute little gal.

She is prone to unusual proclamations such as the one that was pronounced during last evening's bath time.

She had a rather large scab on her ankle from a fall across asphalt. As she was bathing and soaking in large amounts of water, the scab began to do what scabs do when exposed to excess water. It swelled a little and changed colors a bit. And it looked weird. But more than just weird - to London, it looked like food. (Something that is always on that child's brain.)

So she yelled, "I don't like this chicken nugget on my foot!!"

Now, with that shared,

let the interview begin.

Of your many names, which is your favorite?


Do you have any nicknames?


Explain that please.

Because Daddy calls me that and it's not in my real name.

If you could eat anything you wanted for breakfast every day, what would you eat?

Mac and cheese. And cookies.

What do you think about Magnus?

I think he's fun. Daddy loves him. He steals Piper's eagle.

Why do you love Piper Finn so much?

Because she's cute and she's my little sister.

Tell me what you can do in a kitchen.

I can make cake. I can cut the tomatoes. I can make sandwiches, bagels and crackers.

What is your favorite book?
Peter Pan.

Favorite TV show and why?

The Moving Castle even though it's scary. Because I like Howl. That's why I like to watch it. My next favorite show is Spy Kids.
If you could go anywhere for Christmas, where would you go and why?

Disney. Because it's fun! Because they have Mickey Mouse and all the characters!

What makes you happy?

Ummmm. Coloring with Daddy. Drawing, sometimes. That's a funny question.

What makes you sad?

Daddy leaving for a lot of days. Hmmmm. When people die.

Why do you like to sleep in Mommy and Daddy's bed so much?

Because I can cuddle with Daddy. I wish I could go in there every night. I don't even know why you won't let me go in there every night. Why only on special nights can I go in there?
Why are you so hungry all the time?

Because it's fun to eat. And I like to eat.

How high can you count?

To 100.

What's your favorite color and why?

Green. It's in a lot of stuff - it's in turtles and on the ground and on shirts and on crayons and paper and scissors and pencils and pants.

Favorite song?

"Bend Little Willow". The Michael Jackson one where he cries at the end - "Will You Be There?" I like "Bad". Michael Jackson's my favorite guy so far.

What do you think about Look Up Lodge?

I like their food, their cheese and I like Noah and Gloria. I like hikes. Can you ask me who my favorite friends are?

Who are your favorite friends?

Gloria and Raven.

What was your favorite vacation?

To the beach. Because it's so much fun and there's so much water and the beach is just so fun. I want to go again.
Can you drive a car?

NO! 'Cause I'm just six.

Anything else you want to add?

I like coloring pages. I want to do one.

(At the close of this interview session, I am trying to maintain my sense of emotional well-being after my daughter exposed the fact that she clearly has a favorite parent. And. I. Am. Not. It.)


  1. For what it's worth...


    I know that the Keigley/Buckner connection is sporadically random at best. But from what I've observed (and I will admit being waaaaay too observant at times), you could be one of the best moms I've ever seen. And I don't just hand out statements like that.

    I literally teared up when I read the last lines of your post ... about the "favorite parent". I've recently had a thought about this.

    As we approach having our 2nd baby, we've been given much (unsolicited) advice about having a 'favorite' child. The one little statement that has stood out above all else came from Mandi's grandmother via Mandi's mom. Mandi's "Grandma Kubina" (who had 10-kids), when asked about loving one child more than another responded by saying, "Honey, it's not that you don't love one less or more, you just love em' all different."

    So ... even though you know this little tid-bit of wisdom (six times over), I can't help wonder if the same is true when the generational perspective is reversed. It isn't necessarily that our kids have a favorite parent, it is just that they love you both in a different way. Her love is just that ... LOVE. But it expressed in different ways toward each of you.

    And we're not even taking the situational responses into consideration. When she's being interviewed by daddy, I'd be curious what questions would have answers where you are the topical parent of choice.

    I don't know. Maybe I'm over the top with this response. But I do know that you, Lacey, have incredible worth and you need to hear that. You are an incredible adoring mom that is undoubtedly reciprocally adored by her children. You've walked through some storms and your kids NEVER seemed to take a back seat. You sacrifice. You persevere. You love unconditionally. You teach. You are, whether you know it or not, one of those cool people that other people want to be like. You are a grace-full wife. You work hard. You try hard. You truly do LIVE OUT LOUD (even when you think nobody hears or is listening).

    And you really are a great mom. I just wanted you to know that.

  2. Great interview. Great idea. LOL at the Michael Jackson answer! She's cute!!

  3. you should check out the blog for my family. just go to peruvian hat and click on this Little family of mine. I stole your idea for the interveiws. michael jackson......how......cute.

  4. I second what Buckner said. You are a great mom and are admired by many. You are with them all day and Kevin is not so maybe thats all that she meant. Don't take it personally , you are, like every mom, taken for granted. If you were away at work all day then she would notice more when you are there. You are a constant in her life ! YOu are awesome and inspiring!